Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Town Square Lighting

Our first Christmas outing here in Georgia was to go to the town square lighting in our little town. Like every activity, it is more for us, but I was hoping Miller might actually enjoy looking at the lights. We were the first of our friends to arrive so we staked out a spot and went and got hot chocolate.

Miller liked  the hot chocolate (which was cooled of course). You can see  the evidence on his lips. 

When we went to the Fantasy of Trees a week prior to this, when you leave they give you a candy cane. Mom broke it up to give to Miller and he loved it. Some people came around passing them out before the lit the square. Ben just let Miller suck on the whole thing. He was fine for most of it but of course, he ended up choking on it. I am okay with gagging but this was full force choking. Scary but he ended up throwing up some pink stuff and was fine.

I love this shot!

Miller was not too impressed with the lights turning on and eventually just got over being in that stroller. All of our friends were there so I let him get out and run around and run he did. Him and Isla running around together.

If Miller is not in his stroller in a picture, than all I get is the back of his head as he is running away from me. At least this one picture turned out pretty good. 

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