Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fantasy of Trees 2012

The Friday after Thanksgiving is always Fantasy of Trees day. We have been every year for at least 25 years and it is my favorite!

 Last year Miller saw Santa but this year was the real test. Were we going to get one of the pictures of the kid screaming? At first he just kept staring at him.


He finally looked forward for a picture or two and then he was done. I was so proud!

Next we went to decorate a cookie. Miller was a big help as you can see.

Then Miller and daddy got their face painted. Miller just got a rudolph nose and kept it on all day. 

Next we went and made our thumbprint ornaments. I have one every year since 1987. It is so neat that I we have now added in Ben and Miller over the years. My aunt has a whole tree in her house for these ornaments for her kids and I hope to have one too.

We ran into Smokey and Miller was so good getting his picture taken (even though daddy stinks at working mommy's camera). There were lots of characters and he was never afraid of them. I think with Smokey he was friendly since he has a Smokey Pillow Pet at home. 

 Lastly, we rode the carousel. Ben took these pictures but I really would have loved to be the one that took the pics and played with all the lights. 

Before we left, we went to the photo op section and tried to get a good family picture. This seems to be a reoccurring theme with our posed shots with Miller.

I am already looking forward to next year.

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