Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Potluck with Friends

Back in October, I made a list of all of the activities that I wanted to do over the holiday season. I consulted our calendar and emailed our friends to coordinate with them. Yes it was kind of early but I wanted to get things on the books before everyone got busy. One thing we all wanted to do was have a potluck. Thankfully everyone was able to come. We hosted at our house which was great because it is already Miller proofed and there were going to be a bunch of babies here. 

Miller was so excited to see Isla. They circled the food table all night, sharing and swapping food. It was so cute! 

The spread. Everything was so good!

This was before the majority of people arrived. I love Miller in the corner down there checking out what I am doing.

Miller opening up a gift from his friend Caleb. 

They make those darn presents parent proof. The darn cars were screwed to the cardboard. Ben thought he would use it as an opportunity to use his toy from last Christmas, his drill.

I made Lindsey take a shot of us as a family before everyone left, as proof that I was actually there.

No idea what is on the TV behind him but I love this shot of him. 

These two getting into mischief. They followed each other around having screaming competitions.I love seeing Miller with his first real friend.

All in all, it was a fun night and we got to see friends that we have not seen in forever. This might have to become a tradition.

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  1. You did so well with putting all the little food items together. Everything looked so good! Fun times! More pictures next time :)