Monday, June 10, 2013

Visit to the Knoxville Zoo

In a haze of crazy dreams I swore that I dreamed that someone mentioned they wanted to go to the zoo when we were in town. But then I could never figure out if that was a dream or real. I mentioned that I had the dream to mom and she told me that she had told me that. So it was real. Mystery solved! Tuesday morning we picked up Grandma and headed to the zoo with mom and Ally. It was a little hot but not sweltering.

The first stop were  the black bears but they were not out. I was disappointed because Miller would know them from a book he has, so we went to the penguins next. Miller was in his stroller and I was hesitant to let him out but he did really good getting in and out and even walking some between exhibits. 

We asked Miller to hug the rhinoceros but he hugged this little girl instead. 

He likes lions.

Mom had to ride the camel with Miller. I thought he might be scared and he looks a little unsure but he LOVED it. When he got off and we asked him if he had fun, we got a very enthusiastic yes.

We stopped for lunch and Grandma shared her ice cream with Miller. 

The second to last stop was the kids zone. Mom asked if he would pet the goats. I honestly was not sure because he has not been overly friendly with the dogs at my dads house. He ran in there and went to pet this goat immediately. Then he had  to go to each one. I was pleasantly shocked that he had that much fun. 

We tried to get him to milk the fake cow. 

Right before we went to the exit, I remembered to go back to the bears. It was perfect timing! Miller waved bye to them and blew them kisses.

Such a fun day! We bought a groupon to the Atlanta zoo and I can not wait to take him this summer (or fall when it is cooler).

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