Thursday, June 6, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We have been looking forward to Memorial Day weekend for months. Not only did we get a long weekend but this year our family from Oklahoma would be in town and we only get to see them once a year. We got super lucky and our family in Virgina and Kentucky came down too so we got to have a decent sized gathering.

We surprised everyone and got in on Thursday evening (we had originally said we would be there Friday morning). Friday evening we went out to eat with the Oklahoma Millers. At the restaurant, we had three tables and were trying to arrange it so we got to hang out with people we do not normally get to see but who did we end up with -Tine, Bob and Ally. Thankfully Hayden joined our  table and we always love getting to spend time with her.

Miller got so excited when the train would come rolling down the tracks.  He could see it pretty well from across the lake.

On Saturday, he brought me Ben's shirt and asked me to put it on him. I kept saying he was the cutest tie-dye ghost. 

On Sunday we had our big family get together. The Miller men occupied the upper part of the deck. 

Miller had the BEST time. He just roamed  the yard all the day. Sometimes he would go and play with the kids and others, he just did his own thing. 

We were trying to get him to say "Natalie".

Us Miller girls occupied the lower deck. 

We were able to capture a pretty good picture with Grandma and Grandpa and all 5 of their great grandbabies. Are those not some cute kids?!?!

My mom is always able to get  the kids. This time, with her phone. 

On Sunday we went over to hang out with the remaining visitors before they left the next day. I love this picture because it looks like Miller is flashing Knox and Trent. 

The phone again. Knox and Miller are only 7 months apart and they were so cute playing together. 

I always hate saying goodbye to family, especially knowing that it will be over a year before we see them again. Thankfully, we are planning another big family beach trip for next summer.

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