Thursday, September 5, 2013

Baby Project: Carrier Carseat Arm Pad

So many of these baby projects can probably seem unnecessary to people out there but for me, this is nesting. While I can get overwhelmed with projects and feel a bit bogged down between them and normal daily life, I truly enjoy them. Crafting projects make me feel productive and keep me happy. Being a SAHM has been a major challenge for me because there is no day to day goals other than survive. Crafting gives me that.

One project I wanted to do but did not have to, was to make an arm pad for our carrier carseat. Yes, we managed to survive Miller's infancy without one but I thought it could be a fun project. Plus, that darn carrier can be a pain to lug around so why not make something to try to make it more comfortable.

I saw them in the store and knew that I could easily make one. It was not as super easy as I thought it would be, but I like small sewing challenges. It can only help me get better!

I looked at some other blogs on-line and while they were helpful to see the basic method they followed, ultimately I could not use their measurements because that is dependent on the thickness of foam you have and your personal preferences. I knew that I had  to make my arm pad fit between the two handles of my carrier cover that I made for Miller. I also already had some 1/2" thick foam that I planned to work with.

I sketched it out and planned on starting with two panels that were 6.5" x 8.5" with the finished product being about 4.5" x 6.5". I used the underside fabric from our carrier cover. I wanted a strip of minky running along the outside so I sewed up one panel like this.

I sewed on my velcro to each panel. One gets the hooks and one gets the loops. I made sure to do this about 3/4" in to allow for 1/2" seam. 

Lay the fabrics together so they are inside out (the fronts will be touching each other) and that the velcro strips are on opposite ends. Pin and sew around three sides. I also went back and did a zig zag stitch just to make sure they were super strong.

Turn it right side out. On the one end that you already did sew, sew seams, about 1/4' to each side of the velcro so that it lays flat and that you now have a little pocket started for the foam.

I waited to cut my foam until I got to this point, just in case I made any huge mistakes and needed to adjust the size. I ended up with a piece that was 4.25" x 4.25". Since I only had 1/2" thick foam, I doubled up and attached with some spray mount in between the layers. 

Once you insert the foam, make sure you have enough room to have a 1/4" seam allowance away from the velcro like you did on the other side. You can always snip off more foam if you need to. Sew that foam in.

Fold in the open end and pin the heck out of it. Sew that closed along the top.


The one thing I am disappointed in is that you can see the green foam through the white minky. Once you get it on the handle you can not really tell though. Besides that, I am quite pleased with it. 

It is not a big round tuft like I saw in the stores but I did not want it that way. We grab the handle with our hands so much and this one being thinner allows for us to grip it that way. It is much more comfortable for our hands which is what I wanted, but we will see how it holds up when he have a baby in there. 

I really like how it looks with our carrier cover that I made last pregnancy. Little things like how they coordinate make me happy.

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