Friday, February 7, 2014

January Happenings

Since we came back home, we started bathing the babies together. Scarlett hated them at first but after a couple, she realized that the bathroom was nice and warm (we turn on a heater in there before bathtime) and she liked being free and nakey.

Okay, but she hated getting wet. After this bath, she hasn't cried during the bath. She just cries when she gets out and is cold.

I love a post bath baby, especially one this fuzzy. She looks like a little baby bird.

Our holidays and birthdays get so messed up since we are always traveling for them. I hate that we miss doing things in out own home. I decided that we would start celebrating with a mini Christmas the next weekend that we were home.

We joked that this is us. Miller is all lovey with Scarlett and she is not enjoying it and just wants it over with. 

This was their big Santa gift. I was definitely not going to take it to Knoxville so "Santa" brought us a special delivery a week later. The one on the left is a sensory board that is for Miller but for Scarlett as she gets older. The one on the right is a texture board for Scarlett. There are two missing because I bought out one Joanns of the hoops and mine never got them back in stock last I checked in December.

I always want to make pretty Christmas cookies but I never seem to have the time or patience in December. So I took the opportunity in January to make a homemade cookie dough that would hold its shape, home made frosting in different colors and gave Miller a few to decorate with sprinkles.

Of course the first thing he did was stick his hand in a Christmas tree, so daddy cleaned him up.

This made me so happy.

It was a small celebrating but we are hoping next year we can do a bit more since we will not be so preoccupied with a 3 week old, and Miller will understand more.

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