Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scarlett's Newborn Pictures

So I realized that I forgot to blog about Scarlett's newborn pictures. Ooops!! I decided that rather than be sane and hire someone to take them, I could just do it. I do them of other people so why not my own family. I am actually pretty happy with how they turned out, except Scarlett would not sleep during pictures so I never got those cute sleepy pictures that I really wanted. In a normal situation, I would have kept trying but once we finally got out of the hospital, we were only home for 5 days before we went to TN for Christmas. There was so much to do in those 5 days, including getting our Christmas cards printed and since I was sending those out, I wanted to get her announcements out too. It was just all a massively complicated ordeal that pretty much boiled down to I had a baby born at the busiest time of the year.

I was already stressed out and there was so much pressure to get a picture for our Christmas card. In most of the pictures, Ben and I looked stressed out (which we were trying to get Miller to cooperate and all of us looking at the camera) but in this one we finally relaxed and laughed at his cuteness. 

Okay so I got these shots of her asleep. These were for her announcement.

I have the same picture of Miller with his birth date.

I have one of Miller with pumpkins so I needed a seasonal picture with Scarlett. 

You can definitely see her jaundice here. I tried correcting that out and then reminded myself that I am trying to capture her at this stage and that yellow tinge was part of her.

This is pretty much what he does most of the day. 

This one is my favorite. 

Taking her annual ruler picture and a protective big brother making sure she is happy. 

They are not what I set out to do but with photography it never is. I always go in wanting certain shots and leave without them. Then when I get to editing, I realize that what I got is different but just as good or better.

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