Monday, February 17, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Two

Weight: 11lbs 14oz (+3lbs 3oz) (Miller was 12lbs 12oz)

Height: 23.25in (+1.75in) (Miller was the exact same)

Head: 15.5in (+1.75in) (Miller was 17in so basically the weight was in his head)

Sleep: 60 percent of  the time, she goes to bed within an hour of Miller and then sleeps 7-9 hours. Then she wakes up, I feed her and she goes back to sleep for another 4-5 hours. 40 percent of time she is up every 4 hours, does not get settled between feedings so she ends up in bed with me. It might be segmented sleep but most nights we get a full nights sleep. During the day, she naps in the morning about an hour after she wakes up. She might take another cat nap but then she takes her long nap in the afternoon when Miller does (heaven!!!), and one, occasionally two, cat naps in the evenings.

Eating: She eats every 2-3 hours during the day. Sometimes she goes 4 hours when she takes a long nap. With Miller I worried about him snacking in between feedings and I was trying to get him on a routine. With this girl, she is not much of a snacker but I still just feed her when she wants. Sometimes in the evening it is every hour and a half or two hours but if she just took a long nap, or is getting ready to sleep 7-9 hours, I figure she is just making up those feedings.

Best Moment: I apparently said the same thing with Miller looking back, but she is so smiley. I love just sitting with her and she coos and smiles at me. We were facetiming with my mom, and as soon as she heard moms voice she lit up.

Milestones: I have been horrible about doing tummy time with her but she already has great neck control.

Monthly Wisdom: There are so many things that at this point with Miller I was worried and stressed about and this time around, I am just not concerned. I mean, sure I wish she was doing certain things already but one lesson that Miller taught me is that I can do all I want in trying to teach him something but as long as I gently encourage it, he will do it in his own time.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: She has been sleeping in the Rock and Play in our room at night which I am fine with but I would like to start trying her in her bed. The problem is, with Miller we would put him in his bed and if he woke up, we would let him fuss some before we went to comfort him and start all over again. With Scarlett, I just do not have time for that. At naps I do not have the time to go up and down the stairs to deal with her while Miller is up running around downstairs and at night, I do not want her waking Miller up. She is a little more predictable at night time so I think we are going to start her in her bed then.

And because I am obsessed with these two little people and how fascinating their similarities and differences are, here is a side by side comparison of my babies.  They definitely look alike in some ways but not identical.

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