Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Cuties

I know that everyone thinks that their kids are the cutest ones in the whole wide world, and I am no exception. I am constantly looking at them in disbelief that they are actually mine. I always dreamed of being a mommy but it was hard to picture the little people that would make me one. Now that these two are here, I find it amazing that God would bless me so much. Every time Miller calls me "Mommy", I still feel honored that I would be so special to someone so amazing. I feel the same way when Scarlett smiles at me, or calms down as soon as she hears my voice, even though I know that she probably just considers me her food source.

Ben and I wonder what we did before we had kids. Sure we had more free time and less worries but that was about it. We are so much happier and fulfilled as mommy and daddy and can not imagine our life any other way.  Look at these faces!!!

A photographer that I follow has a series that she participates in called "Kids Were Here" where you capture the scenes that children leave behind. Every naptime or bedtime, I rush around cleaning up the mess that Miller has made but I know that one day when the kids are gone (sniff sniff) I will miss all of that. My boy loves to arrange his cars in lines and rows. All of the moms in playgroup know that this is Miller's thing as soon as we get to the host's house. It is his parking lot.

Every morning I get Miller from his bed, bring him in our room, and the three of us cuddle. This seriously makes my heart want to explode from happiness.

Miller's new "trick" is pushing something over to a counter or table to get what he wants. He keeps pushing a chair to the high chair, which is located by my kitchen gadget drawer. Thankfully he skips over the knives and scissor and just wants the juicer. He always shows it to Scarlett.


She is such a smiley thing. I mean when she wants something, she is fiesty, but the rest of the time she is smiley and content. By the way, she is wearing pajamas that were mine. They are vintage Jordache baby jammies.

We were getting them dressed so we laid Scarlett in the crib and Miller jumped in with her. It looks like they are wrestling but I thought both of them in their cloth diapers were just adorable.

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