Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow #2

I say every year that I would love to see a snow, and this year we got two. Last week's was kind of crummy but we still went and played in it.

The boys made a crappy snowman but Miller was distracted and Ben was trying to rush off and put a few hours in at work since the roads were melted.

I whipped up some whipped cream for hot chocolate and let Miller help. He sat in the floor with the Ipad to lick the whisk.


 I had no idea what to dress Scarlett in. She still had on PJs, with leg warmers, a jacket and hat plus I wore her with a blanket over her.


So everyone knows that I hate my birthday. It just gets lost in the shuffle of the holidays. This year  I really had no expectations but I was still disappointed. Ben promised me (for the second year in a row) that we would do something when we got home and we never did. On our snow day, Ben got Miller up and let Scarlett and I sleep in. The boys baked me a belated birthday cake. Miller was so excited for Mommy's cake.

Miller was helping me blow out the candles. Ben decided to use the "2" candle from Miller's birthday.

Of course now it is 70 degrees and spring like. It is only February so we will see if it sticks around.

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