Monday, February 10, 2014


As everyone has undoubtedly heard about the epic 2 inches of snow we got here in Atlanta. I want to defend my fellow Atlantans. Sure, most of us do not know how to drive in the snow but that is because we do not have much chance to practice since we rarely get it, but this was snow and ice. Our cities do not have the equipment to deal with snow and really can not do much for ice. But the main problem was not the road conditions but the circumstances of the whole ordeal. We are a heavy traffic city anyways, where most people commute out to the suburbs, so when you call schools off at the same time that businesses close, the roads are going to get congested. Combine that with worsening road conditions, things are going to get crazy. If schools had been called off for the the day because we could see that we were getting snow that day, all of this could have been avoided. I felt terrible for all of the parents out there. The ones stranded in their cars with their kids, and the ones separated from their kids and could not get to them.

Thankfully, I was at home with the kids. At the first sign of snow, Ben left work. His normal 10 minute commute took 2 hours but that was nothing compared to what most people dealt with.

Scarlett took the opportunity to take part of her afternoon nap on daddy. 

After the kid's nap, we got all bundled up (which I am so glad we do not live up North because that alone took 20 minutes) and headed out into the snow.

Miller did not really understand what it was, but he liked it.

I look terrible here but the point was that we were out in the snow having fun and trying to stay warm.

I thought Ben and Miller's footprints were so cute in the snow. We ran into some other people walking around and they said they took a picture of his cute little footprints  too.

Those freakishly long eyelashes (which I am so stinking jealous of) were great for catching snowflakes.

We had to bribe him with making cookies to get him to come home, and not want to go to the playground in our neighborhood. Halfway home he wanted me to carry him (because my camera and  the baby were not enough already).

Daddy showed Miller how to make snowballs. Within a few minutes he was crying from being cold and had a little bit of a freakout until he got warm inside. I think it scared him. Good thing we did not go to the playground.

This is the view out my kitchen door. The streelight is lined up perfectly behind this tree and I get the prettiest views because of it. I have a really pretty picture from the fall with the colored leaves barely hanging on to the tree at dusk.

 I am so thankful that we were warm and snuggled in our house for most of this event. One of our friends who works with Ben, only made it as far as our neighborhood in 6 hours so she ended up staying the night with us. We heard so many stories of generosity and kindness that made me believe again that people can be good, and especially those that live around us.

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