Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby Project: Baby Cardigans

Right around the time when Miller was born, my friend Lindsey pinned these adorable cardigan onesies and said they seemed like my style. Oh how I fell in love with them but at that point, I had no time to make them. As soon as I found out I was pregnant this time, I scoured pinterest for projects that I wanted to do for this baby. These cardigans were at the top of my Must Do List.

Photo from Diesel in Bloom

I started searching through consignment stores to find just the right onesies to make these from. I wanted 3-6 month size, long sleeve and some sort of basic pattern. I finally found them on a trip with my mom. I believe they were $1 each. 

I pretty much followed the original tutorial. I was a little nervous about how difficult these would be but they were so much easier than I anticipated. I seriously started contemplating turning all Miller's gender neutral onesies into cardigans.

The only different thing I did was that I did not want to have to put a separate onesie or shirt on underneath this. I had just discovered that I had a dozen newborn tshirts from the hospital when we had Miller. I cut one up and made a little faux t-shirt to be sewn into each of the cardigans. 

I wrapped the double sided bias tape around the left side, around the collar and back to where it meets the other side. Then I pinned the right side under the left. Then I pinned in the t-shirt. I swear the scariest part was all the pins. I pinned generously so that I did not mess it up as I was running it through the machine and I think that is what made this project the biggest success. (I added about a dozen more pins to this one after I took this picture).

The biggest pain was hand sewing the buttons on but it is worth it. 

I wish I had a cute picture of my baby wearing these but that will have to wait another few months.

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