Monday, September 9, 2013

Touch a Truck and Ice Cream Crankin'

It seems like we have months where nothing happens, and then months when everything happens. It is coming upon our busy season and of course that is when we are expecting another baby. We had a weekend where one day was the Touch a Truck in a nearby town, and the next was the Ice Cream Crank that Ben's firm volunteers at.

First I had to share these two pictures. The first is Miller and Isla. They were both yelling through the pool noodle and giggling at each other. Most kids Miller's age, they just play around each other, but these two can play together.

I made this magnetic/chalkboard for Miller and everytime I turned it around to the chalkboard side, he was not interested. I broke it out when Isla was over and Miller loved it!

Saturday was the Touch a Truck. I have been looking forward to this ever since Heather told us about it. My child is obsessed with every kind of vehicle and I figured that he would love this. Every time we see a firetruck, ambulance, boat, plan, etc out, he freaks out and gets so excited. I decided to make a whole family fun morning of it and go to breakfast first.

We pulled up and it was so packed that Ben dropped us off so he could go hunt down a parking spot across the street. As I was wading through the crowds and vehicles I thought Miller would be screaming at all the different things. Instead he sat in his stroller, clutching his truck to his chest. When I pointed to a firetruck to ask him what it was, I did not get his usual emphatic answer but a mumble.

 We started with the school bus. It was in the back so not as crowded. As soon as Ben got him out of the stroller and started to go in, Miller started asking for Mommy. He was not crying, just noticeably uncomfortable.

We tried  the megabus (we thought it might be fun since he sees Daddy take it a lot to come and join us in TN) but Miller said he did not want to go. Then we went to a tractor but all he wanted to do was run in the grass in front of the vehicles. We finally went to an open trailer with hay and despite his protests, we just stuck him in there so I could get a picture. He whined for a minute and then got super excited to play in the hay.

Our next stop was the fire truck. I waited in that line for 20 minutes while Ben let Miller run around. A few times, they came over to try to get him excited but every time, Miller shook his head and said no. It was finally our turn and we sat him in the seat. I could not even get a picture before he had turned his butt around and backed himself out. I was heartbroken! He loves firetrucks and I thought he would love this.

We decided to make a new game plan. We were just going to walk around the things and if he showed interest, we would approach it. This worked out well with the helicopter because the line was super long and Miller just wanted to see it. Ben sneaked up just so we could get this picture.

All in all, I was more disappointed than anything. I thought he would love this but instead, he was just too overwhelmed. That is okay for today but it makes me super nervous for Disney World. That will be 6 days of being overwhelmed. God help me!

Sunday was the Ice Cream Crank. The problem with this is that Ben has to help out with his firm and I have to deal with Miller. The poor kid just wants to run but mommy can not do that. He did pretty good hanging out in his stroller, especially when we began doling out ice cream.

I just looked over and saw him smiling at me. Love that smirk!

There was a fire truck there and as we were making the rounds, he was so excited to see it. I told him when we left we could go see it. I figured this is my reprieve from the day before. Of course, by the time we left, it was gone.

It was a long weekend and stressful one but it is all about making memories. Right?

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