Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nursery Update: Wall Coverings

*I want to begin this by saying that I in no way want to come off as a the creator who thought of most of these projects. I love to craft and when I get a whole room (and baby) to decorate for, I turn to the internet for ideas. I think of it as a blank canvas and I finally get to try all these different crafting mediums from blogs and pinterest to experiment and play with. Almost all the projects that I have done are ideas taken from other super creative people and tweaked to fit our scheme, tastes and home. 

With that being said, I wanted to share one of the bigger projects in the nursery, the wall coverings. Like I mentioned before, we can not paint in this house and while I could have worked with the white walls, they are kind of an ugly yellowish color to begin with. I think I ran through about a hundred different ideas before I finally came up with the winner.

Having a girl, I have a new appreciation for ruffles (in moderation of course). How about a whole wall of ruffles!!!!! I originally saw the idea over on the blog Ruffled (how appropriately named) where they created a backdrop for a wedding using this method. It was love at first sight. Before I committed to the idea, I had to think of how much time and money this was going to cost us.

I decided that rather than using tissue paper which could take a while, I would use paper tablecloths. I would have gone with the tissue paper option if party stores do not readily carry the color that I already wanted. Thankfully they do!

Kraft Paper (3 rolls)- Dollartree $3
Table Cloths (3)- Party City $12
Flat Push Pins- Hobby Lobby (already had)
Packing Tape (3 rolls)- Dollartree $3

(Ruffled's blog has better pictures of the instructions. For some odd reason, I get so into a project that I forget to take progress pictures.)

First I covered the wall in Kraft paper from Dollartree. I simply started at the top of the wall, put a pin in each corner and the same in the bottom. I think I needed 3 rolls so that equals $3. (Sorry for the blurry picture)

I figured out how big I wanted  the scallops. I ended up rounding to a number that would make an even number on the tablecloth so I did not end up with any half scallops. Each strip from the tablecloth had 8 scallops. I would fold the tablecloths so that I could cut long strips in the right height, fold each strip into the right number of scallops and cut with a template.

I started by making the bottom row just a solid strip with no scallops and then the second row had the scallops touching the top of the baseboard. I would use the packing tape in a strip a few inches long on the top of each paper strip, in four places. Make sure you put them on the ends so they do not flap around.

I figured out many strips I had and how high they should be spaced apart. I would measure in a few spots and hang the next row, making sure to stagger each layer. You will half some partial scallops when you get to the wall. And you might have to cut strips at certain points to fit your wall.

The only thing that I did differently than Ruffled was finish the top since you would see it in the room. The top most strip I taped using long, looped strips so that they were double sided. I was not satisfied with one full strip on top so I went and added a half height one too so that it appeared that the wall was continuing up. Hopefully this all makes sense when you see the pictures.

I absolutely love it! I had a friend ask about what we will do when/if the baby starts grabbing at it but I figure that we will just cross that bridge when we get to it. We have never had a problem with Miller and his tree.

On the opposite wall, we wanted something a bit more neutral since those ruffles are quite a lot. We went with an old standby and did craft paper and gold dots just like it our bedroom. This time we just made the dots smaller.

I think they both really bring the room together. I used to think that if we could paint the walls, I would not be covering them like this but now I think if we could paint, I would at least still do the ruffle wall.I love the texture that it gives the room!I can not wait to get the crib in front of it to see it as a real nursery.

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  1. I'm trying to catch up on all the blogging posts! I LOVE the ruffle wall!! So pretty