Friday, September 20, 2013

Nursery Update: Ruffled Lamp

I saw this ruffled lampshade on Pinterest a while back and knew that one day I would need this (yes, need!!!). I was unsure of what I wanted for a base but I knew that I would think of something. I considered finding a glass lamp and doing a mercury glass finish but ultimately I decided to just find the right shape lamp and paint it a solid color.

I finally found a basic lamp shape that I liked at Goodwill that had a pretty decent shade to go with it. I found it funny that in Miller's room I wanted something skinny and tall but this time I wanted something more stout and rounded.

Before Picture

Lamp with lampshade- $8
Spray Paint Primer- $3.50
Spray Paint Gold- $3.50
Spray Paint Gloss- $3.50
Burlap (1yd)- $2
Glue stick and Glue Gun
Total- $20.50

The lamp is pretty basic. I taped up the top and the cord (just like I did in this other tutorial). Primed it with two coats. Then I sprayed a few coats of the gold spray paint. If I ever saw any imperfections in between coats, I would wait until it dried, sand it down, wipe with a dry, then a wet cloth, wait for that to dry and spray again. Last was a few coats of the glossy top coat. I did not do this with my previous DIYed lamps but I really like the finish it gave this one.

For the ruffled lampshade, I followed the tutorial above. The only exception is that because the shade  was already about the same color, I did not cover it first in a layer of burlap. In the other tutorials on-line, they lampshade did not angle in but were completely vertical so I was unsure if that would affect the outcome. This is one of those projects that is made better by its imperfections so I just went with it. It worked out perfectly!

I will admit that I was hesitant of how  this would turn out. I am all for a contrast of materials but I was not sure the rustic burlap would work with the flashy gold base but in the end, I am super happy with the finished product. I think it will fit in the nursery perfectly! And it might make its way to somewhere else in the house someday.

Isn't it pretty?!?!?!?!?

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