Monday, November 18, 2013

Baby Girl Maternity Pictures

When we took Miller's 2 year pictures, we also got some maternity pictures of me. I really wanted some photos that captured our family at this time. Since I had to be in the pictures, Heather and Ben had to take them. I had to direct Ben tons but it was a good lesson for him to learn to use my camera in case I need him to take pictures in the delivery room. By the way, if anyone is ever looking for a gift for me, I would like a clone of myself that can follow me around and take pictures for me so that I can be in them. Thanks!

This is more of a blooper picture. This is pretty much the reality of shooting with Miller. He is having a blast running around while Ben and I are exhausted and overwhelmed trying to wrangle him. 

I hate the cars behind us but I love this picture of my baby and I.

He got in trouble with Daddy, so he came running to me for snuggles.

Another blooper. This looks like Ben and I are saying, "Are we sure we want another one?"

Ben was telling me to be serious and of course that meant I could not keep a straight face.

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