Monday, November 25, 2013

Nursery Project: Wall Decor

Some of the finishing touches in the nursery were to hang up things on the wall. Before I reveal the whole completed nursery, I wanted to feature those snippets.

With all the headbands and hairbows that I made (and bought, and mom bought), I needed somewhere to store them. I saw people using old frames with hooks and ribbon and it seemed like the perfect idea. The only problem is that some of her thicker headbands do not fit on the hooks so I have them in a tray on her dresser.

I made a wreath for Miller's nursery when I was pregnant with him so I needed one for her room.

I ended up going back and redoing Miller's wreath so that they match. I love seeing  both of them on their doors when I am upstairs.

When I was early in my pregnancy and always worried that something would go wrong, I swear that I would immediately see a rainbow. I have gone years without seeing one and all of a sudden I was seeing them all the time. I told my mom and that afternoon she texted me a picture of one outside her window. Since, mom and I are huge "Wizard of Oz" fans I wanted to put up a quote from the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". I could not narrow it down so I just used the whole song.

I wanted to have some consistency between both kids rooms so I needed to make a quilted name banner just like the one over Miller's bed. I guess this also serves as a reveal of Baby Girl's name.

Miller has a large "M" on his wall and while I looked for the same one on etsy (the shop has since closed) I went with something much more girly, an "S" covered with pearls. I keep picturing if the kids end up sharing a room at some point and Miller has his wirey black "M" over his bed and she has this pretty pearly "S" over hers. Or they might make their way onto a family gallery wall someday.

I planned on using the dresser as a changing table and wanted something hanging over it. I saw these tassel garlands on pinterest and I had to make one, especially if it  had some metallic in there. I am no longer using the dresser for that anymore but this is still pretty. It was pretty much my substitute for a mobile over her bed, which she does not really have a place for.


Miller has a print with a "Rocky Top" quote within the state of Tennessee so I needed something to represent our home state in her room. There are hearts over our hometowns. The bottom picture is a painting that we made with Miller.

I had this on my initial to-do list so that it would be something Miller could be involved in. I had pretty much scrapped it when one day a couple of weeks ago I decided to attempt painting with Miller. He loved it so I figured we could give this a shot.

I taped up my design and put our colors on a plate. He had so much fun. Mommy and Daddy had to help him so that the whole thing got covered but that just makes it a whole family project that we made for our newest little member.

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