Monday, November 11, 2013

Disney: Day 1 and 2

Oh Disney World! Well it was a normal Whitney and Ben vacation for sure. Super intense, trying to see and do everything we can, with tons of walking. We were sore and exhausted everyday and so ready to go home. But as we catch back up with rest, we realize how much fun we had.

Day 1: Arrival and Epcot

We woke up really early so we could get to our hotel right at check in time and spend some time in the park that night.  Miller is a pretty good traveler and our only problem was getting him to sit still when we stopped at Cracker Barrel and back in his carseat. He was just restless and wanted to run around.

We arrived, and checked in while mom and Miller explored. We got in our room, unpacked and settled in for a bit. Then we headed to the bus stop to go to Epcot. Miller loved the bus!! It was his favorite ride the whole trip. 

We got to Epcot and headed to the World Showcase to find Ally and Bob. Miller was not sure what  to think so he just took it all in. I had a bunch of cramps/Braxton Hicks contractions this evening because I think my body was mad at me from going to sitting for 7 hours straight in the car to walking 3.5miles in a short time.

Miller's first official ride, the boat ride in Mexico. It was a success!

His second ride was in Norway. We were waiting in line and he wanted to see the boats so Daddy gave him a lift.

Day 2: Our Anniversary- Magic Kingdom and Epcot

Every time we watch a Disney movie, Miller gets so excited to see  the castle logo. For months, I told him that we are going here. This is when we turned the corner and he said, "Cackle", (his version of castle).

I tried to have no expectations for the trip but I really wanted to see the characters from Miller's favorite movie, "Toy Story". We went right to Jessie and Woody once we entered the park. We had to wait for 20 minutes but it was worth it to get this checked off of our to do list. We figured the characters would creep him out but he loved them. You can see that he is tickled to be getting to touch Woody.

We went to the Haunted Mansion which mom says I traumatized Miller with and then next he was dying to ride the steamboat. See his excitement!

Waiting to go on Dumbo with Ninny.

Mom and I never get pictures of the two of us together.

While we were waiting on Ben, Bob and Ally, I noticed that Buzz was having a meet and greet just a few steps from where we were sitting. Mom went and got us the 3rd spot in line. He was so excited to get to touch Buzz's buttons. I was so excited that we got all 3 of his favorite characters done in the first day.

Daddy took Miller on the teacups since Mommy could not ride them.(That is Ben in the green shirt on the left).

On our way out we kept telling Miller to hold hands. He decided to hold his own hand.

It was so hot, so the boys got in the pool to cool off. Miller kept copying Daddy.

Mom watched Miller while Ben and I went to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival for our anniversary.

I thought that it was funny that we could go back to London and Paris. I have a similar shot from our honeymoon in London.

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip.

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  1. OH! i've been loving the disney updates! Can't wait for the next updates too! you guys look like you had a blast!