Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our Annual Cornmaze Excursion

For the past few years, we have headed out to the corn maze with the kids. Our first year of going to this specific farm, Miller was only two weeks old. We decided this year to do the dairy farm tour since Miller is into farms and animals. It was a long outing but we had so much fun.

This was his favorite thing, the corn box. I really want one! The corn is so much cleaner than sand. He would have played in there forever. 

We pried him away from the corn box to try to get him to jump on the big pillow and he was not having it. We are such mean parents. 

I was a little nervous how he would do in the corn maze because I knew that he would be down and walking by himself, plus we would have other kids. We went in with Steve, Heather, Isla and Ruby. We were told it takes about 20 minutes. With two toddlers walking on their own, it took us 18. I was so proud!!

He found himself a little spot to watch the milking demonstration and watched the whole thing. He just kept saying, "Cow, cow, cow", while everyone else was quiet.

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