Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disney: Day 3 and 4

Day 3: Miller's Birthday - Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney 

I was so excited to celebrate Miller's birthday. I did not even get emotional this year and I never cried. We got up really early and got to Magic Kingdom before it opened. Since we had reservations at 8:50 and the park opened at 9:00, we got to go in while it was practically empty.

Miller got to run the streets with no crowds to deal with. That is this birthday boys dream!

We had breakfast at the Crystal Palace which was alright. We had to wait forever for the characters to get around to us and Miller just does not have that much patience. He whined but then perked up and was excited to see each character.

The restaurant was supposed to give him a card signed by the characters and a cupcake, but by the time the waitress got around to give them to us, we had already had to take Miller outside to run around. The waitress saw me waiting for the bill by myself so she put down the cupcake and just gave me the card. Mom went and grabbed the cupcake on our way out and we gave it to Miller in his stroller. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he loved it.

We rode a couple of rides before we left. We ran back to our room for a few minutes and then headed to Animal Kingdom to meet Bob and Ally. Miller passed out on our way there and took little nap in his stroller.

Ally and I in our matching shirts that I made. You can see that Miller is in his too but we could never get a picture of all 3 of us.

We staked out a good spot for the parade and Miller loved it.

I wish that we had gotten to walk the trails around the island but we were all just over being out and needed to rest.

We decided to go to Downtown Disney that night to get something to eat and walk around. OMG, bad idea! There is so much traffic getting in and out of there and because the buses do not have special access to it like the parks, they get stuck in the traffic. It took us 45 minutes to get there. Then everywhere was so crowded that we could barely walk. We picked just a basic counter service restaurant but it was still a 20 minute wait for a mediocre dinner. Miller started to lose patience and just wanted to run but the crowd was way too dense. We separated so we could all go to a couple of stores. We found a lost child running through the crowd and tried to help security find his parents. We finally got to the bus station and Miller had a breakdown but as soon as I picked him up, he laid his head down and passed out. We waited almost an hour for the bus and then it took us 45 minutes to get back.

We were going to go back to the room and have birthday cake but he was still passed out. Ally had come back with us to have cake so we just decided to call it a night and drove her back to her hotel.

Miller woke up while we were gone so we did birthday cake then.

Here is his little birthday party with all of his friends.

Day 4: Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

We slept in this day and headed to Hollywood Studios around mid day. We let Ben go on the Tower of Terror while we got some lunch in a nice shady spot. We walked around and saw Mater and Lightning McQueen from "Cars". Miller recognized them but had no desire to go closer to them.

They are singing in the rain. 

Just a little stroll through New York City.

I know some people with kids do not care for Hollywood Studios because there are not many rides, and that is very true. However, because of that, it is not as crazy and manic like Magic Kingdom. It just seemed more relaxed and Miller was able to get out and run around more.

We asked the bus driver if we could get a picture of Miller with his favorite ride.

We walked over to the All Star Movie resort so we could see the Toy Story section. Miller loved getting to sit in RC.

Since we went to Hollywood Studios, Miller and Ben wore their Star Wars shirts. Unfortunately, this is the best picture that I got.

Ben's sister Becky, her husband Tom and Annemarie were also there for fall break. They came back to our room for some birthday cake and then Ben and I went with them to the Magic Kingdom. They had Magic Hours and it was open until 3AM. Look how empty it was!! I figured that we would not stay too long but Ben wanted to go on Space Mountain and it was the shortest line we had seen yet. I played about a million games of Sudoku but I am glad that he got to go on it. I love that ride and hate that I had to miss out this trip.We ended up going on a few rides that we did not want to take Miller on and left at 1:00. It was late but a little adventure.

Some of the Halloween decorations. We are going to the party on the following day.

Stay tuned for the final post.

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