Friday, November 15, 2013

Disney: Day 5 and 6

Day 5- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Magic Kindgom 

We spent the morning relaxing and hanging out by the pool. We also drove over to the Pop Century resort to walk around. Mom had stayed there on her last trip and wanted to show us around.

Late afternoon, we got dressed and went to Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party. I was not sure what  to expect but it was so much fun.

Miller liked watching the boats come down Splash Mountain. 

I forced him to ride the carousel but he did end up liking it.

We stopped to get a snack before the festivities started. The Sleepy Hollow Inn (how Halloweenish!) had a pumpkin spiced waffle sundae which sounded so good to me.

We made a little squirrel friend that was eying moms funnel cake. He came ridiculously close to us.

We went and staked out a great spot for the parade. We just had to distract Miller for 45 minutes.

I think this is when there were some fireworks during the villains show. He liked the show and likes seeing fireworks on TV just not in person. I love his face here!

The headless horseman was very cool.

We went trick or treating which was really fun to go hunt for the next spot. It was like a scavenger hunt.

Since the times for rides were not that long and the fireworks were getting ready to start, we decided to take Miller on It's a Small World. He seemed to like it.

We had a great time getting to see some of the Trusty Family. Miller had so much fun getting to hang out with his cousin, Annemarie.

This was our haul from the Trick or Treating. It was a ton of candy! It went to fill the buckets of the kids in our neighborhood on Halloween.

Day 6: Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

We were all exhausted and really not sure that we even wanted to do anything this day, but it was our last day.  

We went to Magic Kingdom and rode the raft over to Tom Sawyers Island. This is my fifth time to Disney World and my first time to go here. We figured that Miller would enjoy just getting to walk around and he did. 

That evening, we went to Hollywood Studios. Ben went on Star Tours 5 more times, I walked around looking in the stores, while mom and Miller hung out and played. I happened to look at my phone to see if there were any character meet and greets. I saw that Mickey was available. Everyone in the park was heading towards the fireworks show so I figured the line might not be too long. I was right! Miller got to meet Mickey which made me so happy. The picture is awful because I figured that mom would just go with him but she grabbed my camera and insisted that I go. I look awful and so does the lighting.

That night when we got back to our hotel, mom and I went to the gift shop while Ben was supposed to take Miller back to the room. Every night, they play a movie by the pool. As mom and I were going towards  the room, I saw that the movie was "Cars 2" and I wondered if they even made it back to the room. Nope! It was nice thought because we just laid in the pool chairs and relaxed. It was a pleasant end to our trip.

We went back to the room and started packing. My child will not fall asleep anywhere but the Pack N' Play at his Ninny's, his crib and the car occasionally. He passed out in so many odd places on this trip.

My Disney Recap

I am not sure that I would necessarily recommend taking a 2 year old, but I also do not regret it. Miller is just a headstrong kid who wants what he wants. He was not into rides which was a bummer but he just did not have the patience to wait in line and then deal with a ride. Most of the times 3/4 of the way through the ride, he would start screaming, "Out, out". Between that and wrangling him while waiting in a 10 to 20 minute line, we realized that it was just not worth our time. He just likes to wander around and explore, not be stuck in a line and then strapped in a ride. His favorite ride was the bus going to and from the hotel, which was great because we did it enough. His second favorite was the big steam boat.

He loved getting out of his stroller and walking around. This made me nervous since there were lots of crowds but there were 3 of us to watch him and he was pretty good about staying with us. He actually liked all the characters that we got to meet which shocked us all. We figured that he would be scared of them.

Disney Do's:
-Staying at a resort on property. I know that you pay a bit of a premium for the convenience but we felt it was worth it. We stayed in the All Star Music Resort family suites and we were really happy with them. We would definitely stay there again.
- Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I was hesitant to pay for this but I am so glad I did. It was fun to go to the park at night and see all the Halloween decor and costumes. Trick or treating there was like a scavenger hunt and I think we adults enjoyed it more than Miller. We all loved the parade and mom loved the fireworks (she was the only one that got to see them).
- Breakfast one morning in the park. We are not morning people but it was so much fun getting into the park before it opened and getting to walk around in the almost empty streets. It was just a nice start to our day and I loved the pictures that I got.

Disney Don'ts:
- Downtown Disney at night. There was too much traffic and with a tired toddler, this was way too much stress than it was worth. Next time we are going to try to go during the day. 

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