Friday, October 19, 2012

1st Birthday Party- Tennessee

This past weekend was Miller's 1st birthday party in Knoxville. When I found out that I was having a boy, I wanted to do a little man theme for his first birthday party so I have been planning for a while.

Outside decorations

The dessert table. I made the silhouettes of us and I am so excited to frame them and put them up in our house. 

Miller's first year picture banner. 

I made bowties for everyone to wear. Some people huffed about it but everyone ended up laughing when they saw everyone else in their formal ware.

My little man in his skinny pants that my mom made.

I love my little family!

Best friends!!!

My two handsome guys. 

I made Ben handle opening the presents so I could take pictures. This was the only one that Miller actually sat through but he loves them all.

Time for the cake!!!


Miller has been feeding himself for almost 6 months so rather than digging into his cake, he just picked at it. It was a disappointing show but it was nice that Ben and I got to help him eat the cake. And doesn't he look sophisticated in his top hat.

I am so glad that we had so many people come to help us celebrate our little man. It was so fun to plan and I am already working on his second birthday party but first we have his party here in Georgia with our friends this weekend.

*By the way, if we are friends on facebook, you have probably already seen these pictures. I post on both to make sure that all of our family can see them.


  1. I love everything! It looks so great, Whit! Can't wait to see him this weekend :)

  2. Haha oh my gosh! What a cute party!!