Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miller's Birth Day

Last week was sooooo busy but I did not want to ignore celebrating our big events.

Thursday during the day, Ben went out to get coffee and was gone for an hour. He came home with flowers for our anniversary. We were supposed to go on a picnic at the place where Ben proposed but Miller decided to be difficult and not nap. We did however go out that night. We went to our favorite restaurant for dinner, and then to a play on campus. After that, we walked through the architecture building where we first met. We drove around campus and stopped in a coffee shop where my friend worked and had dessert. Here is our official anniversary picture (not the greatest because mom was trying to take it, while wrangling Miller).

I was not going to ignore the little mans birthday just because his party was not that day. At 11:45 the night before, I snuck in my room, sat by his bed and cried for my last few minutes with my baby. Then at midnight I whispered him happy birthday. The next morning I was so excited for him to wake up. Mom heard him and came to wake us up. We all three went in the room and sang happy birthday to him. He just grinned and watched us. Then we took him out to the living room where we had got him balloons the night before. He loved them!

We all got dressed and went downtown to the Worlds Fair Park. Miller had a blast on the playground.

I so wish that it was warmer and we could have let him play in the water. He kept running towards them giggling. I promise I will take him next year when it is warm.

We went up to the sunsphere where Ben and I had our reception 4 years and 1 day prior. At first I was freaked out letting him run around but I reminded myself it was safe. Thankfully since it was a weekday, no one was up there and he loved running around and looking at the different views.

We then drove over to the Ag campus and went to the gardens. I just think this is the cutest thing, him holding his daddy's hand. 

Another crappy family picture but that is what you get with a wiggling toddler. 

We went back to my moms so Miller could take a nap. After that, we headed over to my parents house so I could make cupcakes and decorate for the party. I thought it would take a couple of hours but it took all evening. It did not help that the kid was difficult.

I waited to put him down for a nap (which never ended up happening) so that at 6:08PM, I could take a picture exactly one year to the minute of his birth. I thought it would be sweet and sentimental but instead it turned into another wrestling match with a toddler. 

I can not believe that my baby is a whole year old but boy do I love him and our adventures together!

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