Monday, October 22, 2012

Miller: Month Twelve


*At his party this weekend I realized that from 7 months to now, he is wearing the same 6-9 month size onesie. It is looser now than it was at 7 months. My child is shrinking!

Weight: 21 lbs 5oz (+13 lbs 3oz)

Height: 30" (+ 8.5")

Head: 19.5" (+ 4.5")

Sleep: I wish I could say that he was sleeping through the night, alas, not the case. Most nights he wakes up once to eat but some nights he wakes up early so I feed him, and then he wakes up a few hours later for the same. He tricks me! We are wanting to start working on eliminating those feedings but honestly, we are not super enthusiastic about it. We tried this weekend to let him cry some and all it did was work him up so much that he was crying so hard he couldn't his breath. Then it took hours to calm him down and ended with Ben taking him on a walk at 3:30 and me vacuuming, then family playtime in the living room until 4:15am. Not cool! I am just going to let him fuss and cry a bit when he wakes up to see if he will just go back to sleep. We will see how it goes.

Eating: He is still nursing 4-6 times a day. I am not sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, I am so happy we have made it this far because sometimes I worried he would lose interest. On the other hand, I worry that he is only comfort nursing and needs to be able to be a little more independent than that. I am taking it one month at a time. As for solids, he has slowed down a bit but our pediatrician said that is normal. The great thing is that he has gotten better at feeding himself so that is less mess for me to clean up. I am working on giving him utensils to use and he is actually, albeit slowly, getting the hang of it.

Best Moment: I LOVED walking in his room and singing happy birthday to a smiling boy. My mom used to wake me up singing (although I found it annoying at the time). I am so glad that I get to do that now.

Milestones: He has kind of got a lot of the developmental milestones down (rolling, crawling, walking, etc) so I am going to say that turning one year old is it for this month. We actually survived one year! Only, well, a lot more to go.

Monthly Wisdom: I realized the other day that there is actually a simplicity in our life now. For so long, everything was crazy and overwhelming and we have this calm right now. There are plenty of moments where I am overwhelmed and I am always busy but we have kind of hit our stride. Of course now comes the holidays and who knows what next year holds.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Get Miller consistently down to one nigh waking or none.
- We are going to start getting up earlier so we have more of a routine.

Things Miller is doing:
- He makes all sort of babbling sounds. Like he is trying to say something to us but we just do not know what it is.
- He loves playing chase. He is so funny whenever I got get him in his crib. He plays coy and tries to run away from me while he giggles. Oh geez, I love that kid!
- We taught him one sign that I thought would help him communicate and that was "more". It backfired on me. I knew it was a possibility if we taught lots of signs so I thought we would be fine with one. Nope! He points to things and signs "more" meaning he wants that item. It is cute but annoying!  It is like he has forgotten to talk sometimes.
- He gets into EVERYTHING! It makes it a pain for me to clean up but I don't was to squash his curiosity.

Lastly,we decided to document Miller's birthdays with pictures with his ruler. This is one that we took last year right after he was born.

Here is this years pic. (BTW, trying to get him standing still, next to the ruler about drove me to a nervous breakdown.)

I am not sure if I am going to continue with monthly updates at this point. Maybe monthly pictures but only quarterly updates.

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