Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Sensory Bag

This activity was even simpler than the one I posted on Monday, and it was a bigger hit with Miller. I am noticing a cycle of activities I have planned with him, they are all just themed differently for the time of year. Obviously, we are into Halloween and fall things right now. One of the great activities to do with kids are sensory bags. We have already made some with paint and some small toys for Miller and he seemed to like them.

*By the way, almost everything came from Dollartree. I love my child but there is no reason to spend a fortune on these things when I do not have to.

With this sensory bag, I squirted some hair gel into a baggie that I had drawn on, and added some food coloring, red and yellow again (now what color does that make?).

I added in some of the spaghetti from the day before, and some pumpkin seeds. Then I use packing tape around all 4 sides to adhere it to our window. I love it because it really does look like pumpkin guts, which is my favorite part of carving a pumpkin.

Miller was napping when I did this. After he woke up, I carried him into the kitchen to get something and he leapt out of my arms to get at it. He loved it! (Sorry, I could not catch him actually playing with it for a picture).

It is not a toy he will sit and play with for hours at a time, but one he will revisit over and over again. Our past sensory bags we have left up for a few weeks but I am not sure the spaghetti will last that long.

It looks like the activities I have for the rest of the month are following the cycle I was mentioning. I am excited to see how Miller does with next weeks.

BTW, This was my due date last year. I feel like after 8.5 months of that number being burned in my brain, it will be stuck in there forever with Miller's birthday.

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