Thursday, October 11, 2012

4 Whole Years

Today is our anniversary. 4 whole years! I know it is not that long but it feels like yesterday we were recent college graduates planning our wedding. Yet, I feel like that was a lifetime ago when you look how much we have changed.

Wedding 2008

Photo Courtesy of J Henderson Studios

Honeymoon in London- 2008

1st Anniversary in New York City - 2009

2nd Anniversary in Paris- 2010

3rd Anniversary in the Hospital having Miller- 2011


4th Anniversary (TBD but doing nothing special)- 2012

I was a little bummed last year that we did not do anything since well, we had to go to hospital and have Miller but at least it made for something exciting to happen that day. This year we really have nothing going on. It makes me sad but I am excited for Miller's party this weekend at least. We will get back into taking our trips. They might not be on our anniversary exactly but it was something that made us us so it is important we can have those adventures. We are working on plans for something for our 5 year for sure, we just do not know when in the year we will be going.

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