Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Corn Maze '12

We headed out to the the corn maze and pumpkin patch this past weekend. Last year we went about a month later when Miller was 17 days old. I told Ben, and this is silly, but this is the first seasonal thing we were doing with Miller for the second time. I did add a couple of pictures from last year for comparisons sake. Since we were going a month earlier, it was warmer. I was a little bummed out to be missing out on a cool fall day to round out perfect fall excursion but It was actually nicer because it was cloudy so we did not get baked by the sun in the maze. We also went with a larger group, which was so much fun but hectic. 4 couples, with 5 babies under 21 months between us. Crazy!

Miller only lasted in the carrier for a bit but he looked happy here. 

Comparison time- You can see the signs of the warmer weather by the fact that Miller and I are wearing shorts this year.  Oh and that both of us need haircuts.


Our whole group this year. From left to right. Us and Miller is obviously distracted. Lance,  Lindsey and baby Luke. Then Cliff, Jaimelynn and Caleb. Last, but not least, Steve, Heather, Isla and baby Ruby.

This is not the best family picture. Ben is behind Miller's head, I am not giving my best smile because I was trying to talk Miller into smiling and yeah, he was not cooperating. 

These pictures I find hilarious. Watch Miller. He goes from me holding him, to half way across the pumpkin patch in a matter of seconds. (Don't worry, the pumpkin patch was enclosed, I was watching him and Ben was on the other side taking these pictures and had an eye on him the whole time).

Another comparison shot. That pumpkin in the below picture is Miller's hat that is on his head. (Yes, Ben is wearing the same shirt. We realized that when we were on the way there).

"Are you guys leaving me here?"

This was pretty much what Miller did when we put him down- run away.

Such a fun fall activity!

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