Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Jello Sensory Bin

If you are keeping up, you might have thought I slacked on our weekly activity last week. You would be wrong! I actually did it, I just did not have time to post it with the preparations for his birthday party this past weekend.

 This one was super easy that I really do not think I need to narrate it.


I hate jello because of the texture but I figured Miller might like playing with it. He did actually dig in it a bit but then just wanted to carry around the bin. I kept it in the fridge all week and kept bringing it out to the same results. Finally, this Wednesday I got it out with the intention of throwing it away. Miller started playing with it and got a kick out of pulling all of the jello up (and onto my kitchen floor). After about 30 minutes his was done so I got out a spoon and started scraping it all up so I could put it into the trash. Oh no! He got that spoon and started scooping all of the jello out (again, onto my floor). I was so proud that he was starting to get the hang of using a spoon. It provided about an hour and a half of total fun so we will try it again in the future.

I will try to get on posting this weeks activity this weekend or early next week, along with Miller's party here in Georgia.

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