Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Miller Week 51

Yep, this is not terribly current but last week was so jam packed with events, that I decided to wait and post these when I had some down time on here.

I love Kathie Lee and Hoda! I watch them every morning that I am home and have for years. In fact, I was watching them when I found out I was pregnant. They were my saving grace distracting me while I waited for the positive sign to pop up on the test.

When they had a competition to find a college campus to go to, I thought no way would UT win. I saw fellow UT fans tweets and pictures on the show and would always yell, "Go Vols". I was amazed that we made it to the final 6 and shocked that we won. It was super exciting to watch out favorite morning show, in our favorite place. Miller and I sang Rocky Top and danced the whole time.

See that shaggy hair. It had to be cut but before we left for Knoxville, I wanted to play with it. 

We stuck some gel in it before bedtime to see what we could get it  to do. It was actually lackluster because it was so long, it would not do too much. 

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