Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Spaghetti


This weeks activity, witches brew. Yes, I made a boiling concoction with my almost 1 year old. Yeah right! I actually have two activities to post about this week, even though we did them both last week. They tie into each other so more bang for your buck.

I kept seeing blogs with kids playing with spaghetti. That is perfect because my child puts everything in his mouth. I need activities that are either okay that he puts in his mouth, or impossible for him to even try.

I put some water in a pot and added my food coloring. I think I did 10 drops of yellow and two of red. A little bit of red goes a long way!

I put it in a tub and sat that on a mat in our kitchen.  I was hoping Miller would come sit down and play in it, but that is not my child. He came over, grabbed the tub, dumped it out and marched off. He likes containers (and annoying his mother). 

He did end up grabbing some of it and trailing it across my kitchen.

I stuck it on his head trying to get him interested but it just made him mad. 

The aftermath. Thank goodness that we are easy going and this was not hard to clean up.

As I mentioned above, I have another activity to post about this week. Stay tuned!

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