Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Memphis Part 4

This is the last part of our Memphis recap. It is mostly just some random happenings.

Thursday night we convinced Ben's parents to try an Indian restaurant with us. They ended up loving it!

Miller was eating some naan and making his new serious face to Grandmommy and Grandaddy. 

Friday morning, Miller getting into trouble around the house. 

 Sharing yogurt with Grandaddy. 

That evening we went down to Dave and Liz's house. While Liz was getting ready we got Miller in the stroller and their dog Ella on a leash and went for a walk around their neighborhood. 

We went to Boscoe's for dinner. Miller made the rounds around  the table. Playing with Grandmommy and Uncle Dave.

Aunt Lizzy kissing on Miller. 

Saturday morning we went to breakfast. Miller charmed everyone that was around us and then he did this like it was too loud. Yeah, he was the one making the noise. 

Saturday evening we went to the store that Dave works at. They have a bunch of cool architectural salvaged stuff which I loved!

Miller and Grandmommy at dinner. We lost this paci a few minutes later.

After dinner we went back to Dave and Liz's house. Miller playing in the floor with Uncle Dave. 

He kept going into the dog cage in the bedroom and the new kitty, Henry kept an eye on him. 

Playing in the living room, more specifically, playing in the window.

It was a great trip. We got to spend time with part of Ben's family and relax a bit. Miller was really good this trip. The last time we were in Memphis, Miller was teething and doing a little stranger thing. This time he warmed up to everyone and really got to bond with everyone there. That made this mommy and daddy really happy.

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