Friday, November 2, 2012

1st Birthday Party- Georgia

After we got home from Tennessee, Miller's present from my mom was awaiting us. It sat in our dining room for a few days but we decided to get it out and build it so we could take advantage of it during this nice weather. Miller was a big help to daddy.

Stealing the hammer hoping no one is looking. 

I am happy that I got to use our decorations twice but I tried to set them up differently. Here is the dessert and present table.

My sister- in- law pointed out that I should post all of these pictures at once so you can see the difference over the months. I will probably do that soon. It was fun at the parties for everyone to look and pick their favorite.

I took advantage of my big cupcake pan and used it for Miller's cake. 

The  food table. 

Lindsey and Luke looking very sophisticated in their mustaches. 

Isla was begging for cupcakes the whole time. She was hilarious because she loved having food just sitting out. She would go and grab some chips and continue to play. Miller joined her and we found them everywhere after the party.

This card that Lance, Lindsey and Luke gave Miller was one of those that played music. They LOVED it! It was so funny. 

He doesn't look too sure of it and I have no idea why. He has had some practice already.

He did like the mustache. This did bode well for his Halloween costume. 

Again, he does not make much of a mess so we have to cut him a piece and give him a utensil to use. 

She took care of that cupcake and asked for more. Love this girl!

Heather and I took these two on a romantic sunset stroll in the wagon. 

I tried so hard to catch the kiss but they are always so quick that I miss it. I get either this, or blur. It is still cute!