Friday, November 16, 2012

New Camera Bag

Since I got my new camera at Christmas, I have been dying to use one of the tutorials I found on-line to make me a new camera bag. Don't get me wrong, the one Ben got me is great and sturdy, especially when we travel. However, it is not comfortable for just taking around town or easy to get into. I wanted to make one that fit over my shoulder easily, like a purse.

I searched for a few weeks and found a purse on sale for $20 at Target. I have a bit of an obsession with navy so this was more than perfect. I went to Joanns and picked up two coordinating fabrics that I had had my eye on for months and some foam. That is where I stopped. It took me 9 months to finally get to sewing. In fact, I carried the purse for most of the year as just a regular bag.

A few weeks ago I finally kicked my butt in gear. I figured I would be needing my camera a lot over the next few months with the holidays and I might as well work when I could to get it done. It has been so long since I had sewn, I had missed it.

It is pretty simple. I followed the tutorial over at Blue Lace House. The only difference is that I sewed up the sides rather than use velcro. I am so giddy with how it turned out.

It is one big compartment. I made it so that my camera can sit in there, with my light scoop on. Then the dark blue panels, slide in  and I can use the other side for extra lenses and other accessories.  I have two of those panels in case I need another compartment, or it can lay on top. 

I made two of these rolls. One for my extra lens and then I have a smaller one that I made just because I had the fabric. It actually fits perfect over the battery. I know that does not need that much protection but it can not hurt and it looks pretty. I have leftover fabric in case I need to make another one or two of these. 

Ahhhh, so much better.  What do you all think? It was perfect for carrying around Memphis.

I have had a crafting surge lately, and I am sure it has something to do with the upcoming holidays. Here is just a preview of some of the things I am working on. Yes, that is about 20 different colors of felt. It has kind of taken over my house but it is so worth it. Stay tuned for those projects.

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  1. How in the world do you get all this stuff done!? You are absolutely AMAZING, Whitney!