Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Memphis Part 1

Rather than our regular anniversary trip, we decided to go to Memphis to hang out with friends and family. We went back in May but it was such a busy trip and the past few years it had been hard to get there so we figured we could use some time to hang out more.

We left super early (6am) on Saturday morning so hopefully Miller would sleep more. He actually did and it was a relatively uneventful 6.5 hour drive plus a stop for lunch. We got the car unpacked and hung out for a few minutes before we went to grab a snack with Ben's best friend, Scruggs and his sister Liz. They did not have a high chair so Miller played on the table and ran around. It was a tad stressful for this mama but everyone else thought he was hilarious.

That evening we went to my favorite burger place (actually only burger place I like) Hueys, with Ben's sister Liz, her husband Dave, and Ben's parents. We have not eaten out in a while so it took a few times for Miller to get acclimated to being out in a high chair.

Daddy showing Miller how the piano works. 

Sunday we went over to Dave and Liz's house. Miller played with the 3 dogs. 

He tried to get in the pond with the ducks.

Uncle Dave is cool and let Miller play with his stereo. Miller loved turning it off and on, then turning the station. He was in heaven when he figured out how to open and close the cassette player.

Monday morning we hung out at Ben's parents house. 

Miller helped Grandmommy refill the bird feeders so we could watch the birds from the big dining room window. 

Tuesday afternoon we went to Dave's parents farm where they have some horses. 

Miller could not have cared less about the horses and just wanted to get down and run around. 

Even when he was up there, he was not too impressed.....

.....until it started moving. 

He got to feed the horsey a sugar cube but Daddy was more impressed than Miller. 

There are 3 more parts to our trip so stay tuned........

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