Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was so much fun. Hectic, but fun! Having a kid for these types of things really makes everything more fun.

Here is my pumpkin that I carved for us. I think it is super cute!

Miller and I watched Halloween movies during the day. Here is had figured out something to do with the farm we had gotten him for his birthday. Not exactly what we had intended it for. 

That evening Lindsey, Luke, Steve, Heather, Isla and Ruby came over. We had a hectic half an hour while we changed diapers, put costumes on and fed little babies but we finally got out  the door. Isn't Luke the cutest lion!

So Miller and Isla matched as garden gnomes. I took them outside to take pictures and this is all I could get. 

Thank goodness for this wagon! It made trick or treating so much easier. 

The dads had to carry the wagon to a few houses. 

Ruby coordinated with the big kids and was a beautiful little flower. We were supposed to get a picture of all the kids together but before we left the house was crazy and it was no better after. 

Already yawning.

We let them get out when we got back to our house so they could walk door to door to our immediate neighbors. I wanted to get pictures of  them put I could never get the perfect settings on my camera and then of course Miller would not stand still. He would get to a door and then run off.

After we got back, we had chili and hung out. Miller and Isla ran around playing with each other. I thought this was funny because he has long johns on underneath his outfit since it was cold. I imagine that this is what ever garden gnome looks like when they get to their burrow after a long hard day of work. 

Everyone left and Miller was hyped up. Ben and I went outside to start a bonfire. I wish that Miller would have chilled out and relaxed with us but of course he wanted to play with the fire. We made him a smore to share with us and then put him to bed. Then we went back out and sat out there for 45 minutes. So for 45 whole minutes, we talked and not while we were on our computer. I think the last time we did that was our first date. 

Over all it was a fun night.

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