Monday, November 19, 2012

Memphis Part 3- The Botanical Gardens

We thought Miller would like this better than the zoo because he could run around more. He did but we still had to keep him contained in the stroller quite a bit.

I have a picture of me in this same chrysalis swing 2 years ago.  

Now with my little one. 

He looks like a baby model. 

He went through the dog house a few times before he finally noticed the dog. 

Yeah, I was too busy taking this picture to catch him so he kind of bounced off of the ground when he got to the bottom.  He cried for a minute but he is tough.

Watching the big fish in the Japanese pond. 

This bridge made me so nervous. 

We also have a picture of us with Scruggs in this spot from 2 years ago. The picture is crappy because I just stuck it on a rock and used the self timer. 

Is this not gorgeous! It looks like the perfect place to get married. 

Miller telling us which way we need to go now. 

I was trying to get a picture with my son. Yeah I know better than that.

This picture would have been better if that was a person and not a statue.

We went to the sensory garden so Miller could touch plants. He enjoyed this more than he appears to here.

I loved all the fall leaves there. I was afraid that I had missed the leaves by being stuck in the house with Miller when we are home but they were still gorgeous. I am so glad we could go to Memphis during autumn because I had never been before. 

The last part of this trip is just some random things from the last few days in Memphis.

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