Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Snow Tubing

We were lucky enough to have our family from Houston come in for Thanksgiving. Early in the week, we drove up to the mountains to go snowtubing.

Miller and Kelsey waiting in line to buy tickets.

My kid is so cute! Miller was still in a good mood at  this point. 

We had to wait for the next session so the kids went inside and played games. Cameron and Ross at the practice range (a game). 

We were deliriously bored. Ally is a such a nerd. 

Waiting in line for the session to start. From left to right, Ross, Cameron (Kelsey's boyfriend), Ann, Kelsey, mom and Miller. 

Everyone riding the lift up to the top of the hill. Miller and I stayed behind to watch and eat a snack. 

Mom's first time down. Miller did not notice until she screamed his name.

Ross, Kelsey and Ann. 

Ally would not go down at first. Mom went down and she asked all the people that worked there, how to get someone down and they said they have to go down. Mom got back up to the top and told her she had to go down but they told her one lane was the slow one (she lied). When they got to the bottom she wanted to go again. 

When everyone was done, we went to the parking lot and I tried to get a picture with my son in front of the mountains. See how successful that was!

We were exhausted! Miller passed out before we left the parking lot.

On another note, happy birthday to my wonderful hubby today!!!

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