Friday, November 9, 2012

One Year Pictures

When I started planning for these pictures, I had a whole other idea for them. As I got closer to time, tweaks were being made and finally the day of, the weather was not what I was wanting. I almost scrapped them all together but then I knew I would be mad at myself for doing so. With some helpful encouragement from some friends (thanks Tania and Heather!), I pushed on and of course, they turned out better than I could have imagined.

Admittedly, there were shots that I had in my head that did not happen but that is not how you work with a one year old. I could never tell him to stand in a certain spot and look at me. I have to follow his lead and see what I get. It is my job as the photographer to find the best shot to capture the moment. I did have some help with shooting since I wanted  to be in some family pictures. Heather was so sweet to brave the freezing temperatures and wind to help us out. While we were busy setting up for a couple of shots, she snapped some great pics of Miller being Miller. Thank you Heather for that too!

Okay I will stop blabbing and show you the pictures.

I was going for a Geek Chic look for Miller. 

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

He fell and just laid there looking around. Weirdo!

Playing his favorite game of "Mommy is going to get you". 

There was a huge gust of wind and it stopped him in his tracks and started blowing him backwards but he loved it. 

I was going for a family shot and tried to entertain him by giving him my phone. See how well that worked out. 

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  1. I love the family shots and the ones of you and Miller. You have such a beautiful family!