Monday, November 5, 2012

Mommy- Son Pumpkin Carving

I am a girly girl that hates getting messy, HATES! My softball friends will tell you that I would rather miss a ball than step off the plate and get muddy. One year during a tournament, it was super rainy. At the end of the game, everyone was covered in mud and I had a few splatters on my socks. The advantage of being the pitcher.

My point is, I hate getting messy but every year at Halloween, I love nothing more than to dig into a pumpkin. I love scooping out the guts and feeling them squish between my fingers. I decided to see if Miller liked it as much as I did, and get him in on the action. I figured it could also double as our activity this week.

(BTW, ignore his ridiculous outfit. We were struggling to keep him warm in our house so he has an assortment of things on. He keeps managing to pulls off his pants and socks and it is too cold for that. You would see a similar ensemble on me if I showed you a picture of myself.)

Things got real when I gave him the spoon and then I gave him the scooper. 


 I finished carving it. Ben has never been into it and I love it. We had some crows around the house as decorations so I thought Miller might recognize the bird. Eh, not really but he still liked it.

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