Thursday, November 15, 2012

Memphis Part 2- The Zoo

Wednesday we went to the zoo with Scruggs, his wife Lisa and aunt Liz. This was Miller's first trip to the zoo. He was not too impressed since it was cold and some of the animals were not even out but he liked looking and running around.

Warning: There are lots of boring pictures of Miller just in his stroller because this is the only way we could have made any progress in the zoo. 

Miller and Uncle Scruggs making faces at each other. 

Yes these two are grown men. 

Miller was responsible for keeping Uncle Scruggs and Daddy in line. He failed miserably at this!

Daddy pointing out the birds to Miller. 

The had to lift him up to see the penguins. 

Since some of the animals were not out, I was fawning over the beautiful fall foliage. 

Miller loved going in the groundhog tunnel with Daddy.

They had an egg in the farm section. I wondered if Miller remembers that last time he was in an egg. 

Two happy guys. 

The panda's were actually super active which is rare. 

My little Marco Polo. Whenever I can not find Miller I yell his name in hopes that he will respond with Polo. Miller! Polo!

The camel rides were closed so they improvised. 

Miller did not care what they were doing, he just wanted one of them to give him his snack. 

He did get out a few times. At the end I let him run around before we left. 

After the zoo we went downtown to meet Dave and eat at Rendezvous. I love these stairs and took a picture of Miller on them last time we were here. 

Yummy barbeque from Rendezvous. 

Part 3 is our trip to the botanical gardens the following day.

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